Yoga de-ages body and nourishes soul.

YOGA Foundation / Gentle Light FLOW 

Yoga Foundation and Gentle Light Flow classes are based on hatha yoga, pursuing mind and body union through physical practice. These class are composed of pranayama (breathing), warm-ups, asanas (yoga poses/shapes), Shavasana or Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation or yogic sleep), and integration. The aim of the practice is to relieve pain and stress, while developing the ability to navigate life with a healthy and strong body and mind. These classes are for ALL LEVELS, with step-by-step explanations of yoga poses and alignments. 

Classes focus on:
• building strength/flexibility,
• challenging limit/creating boundary,
• cultivating control/serenity.

Power Bloom YOGA / Blossom POWER FLOW

These class combines the workout and fun aspects of practice with yoga through the transition of poses. The pace  class is faster than Yoga Foundation and Gentle Light Flow. Transitions may be fun and challenging. It’s good to have proper alignment before jumping into this vinyasa practice, but all level practitioners are welcome. Yoga is always evolving, with  millions and more ways to practice. These classes focus on increasing physical strength and flexibility, and empowering body and mind.

YOGA Sculpt / BODY Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a relatively new style of movement aimed at toning the body, building a lean muscle mass with the benefit of stretching of yoga poses. It is more of exercise class than yoga, to strengthen the muscles, develop small muscles that are rarely worked out in other movement classes, and toning the whole body. Bodyweight can be used, or small weights can be added for practice. It is challenging but fun and rewarding. You see the difference in your body even after a couple of classes. For a detailed description of Yoga Sculpt’s benefits, click here




Breath work / Pranayama Workshop

Breathing is essential to live and there are many ways to breathe fitting to the specific purpose. There are some breathing techniques/sequences can calm mind and reduce anxiety and there are other breathing techniques/sequences to energize body and enhance physical performance. The step by step guide in each 30 min. class is scheduled every other Sunday morning to join any class to start. Dirgha (three parts breathing using belly), Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), Kapalabhati (skull shining breath, forced exhale), Agni Pran (breath of fire), Bhastrika (bellow breath), Kumbhaka (breath retention/holding), Ujjayi (ocean or victorious breath, belly breath inviting sound), Box breathing (equal length breathing), and creation of the breath sequence for the personal practice.