Yoga de-ages body and matures mind.

YOGA Foundation / Gentle Light FLOW 

Yoga Foundation and Gentle Light Flow classes are based on hatha yoga, pursuing mind and body union through physical practice. These class are composed of pranayama (breathing), warm-ups, asanas (yoga poses/shapes), Shavasana or Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation or yogic sleep), and integration. The aim of the practice is to relieve pain and stress, while developing the ability to navigate life with a healthy and strong body and mind. These classes are for ALL LEVELS, with step-by-step explanations of yoga poses and alignments. 

Classes focus on:
• building strength/flexibility,
• challenging limit/creating boundary,
• cultivating control/serenity.


Power Bloom YOGA / Blossom POWER FLOW

These class combines the workout and fun aspects of practice with yoga through the transition of poses. The pace  class is faster than Yoga Foundation and Gentle Light Flow. Transitions may be fun and challenging. It’s good to have proper alignment before jumping into this vinyasa practice, but all level practitioners are welcome. Yoga is always evolving, with  millions and more ways to practice. These classes focus on increasing physical strength and flexibility, and empowering body and mind.


YOGA Sculpt


CLASS INTENSITY: 1-4, 4 the most intense

Gentle Light YOGA : 1 – Breath, Meditative, Stretch, Restorative, Slow Pace

Yin YOGA:                   1-2 : Stretch, Mindfulness, Meditative, Breath, Hold                     

YOGA Foundation :  2 – Alignment, Breath, Step-by-Step, Meditative, Moderate Speed

Power Bloom :           3 – Power, Flow, Relatively Fast, Fun, Workout                             

Blossom Flow :         4 – Power, Flow, Fast, Fun, Expressive

Intensity Level does not necessarily mean level of difficulty. For some people, it is harder to stay slow and still.