Yoga de-ages body and matures mind.

YOGA Foundation / Gentle Light YOGA 

This class is based on hatha yoga, pursuing the mind and body union through physical practice. The class is composed of pranayama (breathing), warm-ups, asanas (yoga poses / shapes), Shavasana or Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation or yogic sleep), and integration. The aim of the practice provides a guide in relieving pain and stress while developing the ability to navigate one’s life with a healthy and strong body and mind. This class is for ALL LEVEL with the step-by-step explanation of yoga poses and alignments. 

This class focuses on
• building strength/flexibility,
• challenging limit/creating boundary,
• cultivating control/serenity.

Power Bloom YOGA / Blossom Flow

This class combines the workout and fun aspects of practice with yoga through the transition of the poses. The pace of this class is faster than that of Yoga Foundation Class and the transition may be fun and challenging. It’s good to have the right alignment embodied before jumping into the vinyasa practice, but all level practitioners are welcomed in the class. There are millions and more ways to practice yoga and it is always evolving. This class focuses on increasing the physical strength / flexibility and the empowerment of body and mind.

CLASS INTENSITY* (1-4, 4 the most intense)

Blossom Flow :         4 – Power, Flow, Fast, Fun, Expressive
Power Bloom :           3 – Power, Flow, Relatively Fast, Fun, Workout
YOGA Foundation :  2 – Alignment, Breath, Step-by-Step, Meditative, Moderate Speed
Gentle Light YOGA : 1 – Breath, Meditative, Stretch, Restorative, Slow Pace
Yin YOGA:                   1-2 : Stretch, Mindfulness, Meditative, Breath, Hold
Trauma-Informed YOGA :  1-2 – Awareness focused, No Assist (Verbal/Physical)

*Intensity Level does not necessarily mean the level of difficulty. For some people, it is harder to stay slow and still.


Trauma-Informed YOGA

This class is designed to activate interoception* and increase body awareness, focusing on embodiment of yoga practice.

* Interoception is a new concept identified by the psychology researchers. It belongs to the brain area before the verbal conception is formulated. In short, it’s body awareness before words are even possible. Yoga is particularly effective in waking or developing interoception, ironically using the verbal cues in a specific way. Many people have the dissociation of mind and body in the modern world or frozen areas in the body or mind without realizing it (complex trauma). Hatha yoga guided by the teacher trained in trauma-informed language is beneficial to the practitioners in many ways including increasing the body awareness and dissolving something hardened in body and mind.  
Interested in this topic? Here are some readings if you want. Also, I’ll be happy to talk after the class if you have questions.
Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. “The Body Keeps Score”
David Emerson, “Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapy”