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YOGA Foundation / Plus  (In studio / Virtual,  1 hr)

Wed, Thurs, Fri                   9:30 am
Tues                                     6 pm
Thurs                                   4 pm (no class during June-July)
Mon, Sat                             2 pm (no class during June-July)

Power Bloom YOGA / Plus  (In studio / Virtual,  1 hr)

Mon / Wed / Fri             7 am
Tues                                 4 pm
Mon / Wed / Thurs        6 pm
Sat                                   9 am
Sun                                  10 am (90 min. class)

Blossom FLOW  (In studio / Virtual,  1 hr)

Fri                                      4 pm
Wed                                   7:30 pm (no class during June-July)

Gentle Light YOGA  (In studio / Virtual, 1 hr)

Tues  / Thurs                   11 am
Sun                                   12 pm

YOGA with Hilary Davis, All Level  (In studio,  1 hr.)

Sat                                    10:30 am

CLASS INTENSITY* (1-4, 4 the most intense)
Blossom Flow :           4 – Power, Flow, Fast, Fun, Expressive
Power Bloom :            3 – Power, Flow, Relatively Fast, Fun, Workout
YOGA Foundation :   2 – Alignment, Breath, Step-by-Step, Meditative, Moderate Speed
Gentle Light YOGA :  1 – Breath, Meditative, Stretch, Restorative, Slow Pace
Trauma-Informed YOGA :
  1-2 – Awareness focused, No Assist (Verbal/Physical)

*Intensity Level does not necessarily mean the level of difficulty. For some people, it is harder to stay slow and still. 

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Private Lesson 

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Studio Rent

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